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The Meadow

The Meadow is our original field. It is 4-acres and fenced with 4-5ft stock wire around the entire perimeter. This field promotes sensory experiences with our purpose-built sensory area. From straw bales for tactile senses to dog-friendly plants for olfactory stimulation, it is the perfect workout for your dog's brain and is perfect for puppies to build confidence and for older dogs to relax.


Hillside is our new field which boasts 6ft fencing with 5cm gaps, perfect for both big jumpy dogs and much smaller dogs. It is around 2-acres. As the name suggests, this field is brilliant for providing a great workout for your dogs due to its large sloping bank. ​


Our brand new agility field contains modern, kennel club standard equipment. The field is also way over the 32 x 32m minimum agility area size recommendations being around 2 acres. Whether your dogs an agility pro or a complete novice, come and try out the equipment! The field is also secure with 6ft fencing. (Dogs over 10 months ONLY). 

Arriving & Leaving

Our facility is generally self-service, therefore you are expected to arrive and leave promptly and follow the rules and terms we have set out. You will not be greeted by anyone and you do not have to sign in unless you have contacted us otherwise or attending an event. You and your dogs must remain in your vehicle until it is your turn to use the field. Allowing dogs out of cars when the previous user is in the field could have consequences for nervous and/or reactive dogs. Never enter the field if somebody else is in it. If someone is in there at your booked time, contact us immediately. Please leave the field promptly and please ensure you shut the gate, even if another user arrives. 

The Meadow: When you arrive please follow the signs for "The Meadow" and park next to the orange cones, this is to ensure no tractors are blocked from getting in/out. Do not park in front of the first gate, or in front of any vehicles or you may be asked to move which will take time out of your session. There is a white van regularly parked near the orange cones - they are not using the field but please do not block them in.  

Hillside & Agility: When you arrive please follow the signs for "Hillside & Agility". The parking is directly outside of them. Please do not block any other cars. There is only space for 2 cars per field. If you are coming in a large group with several cars please use the overflow parking area (see directions pdf). Do not block the driveway as it is in constant use by HGV's.  We have allocated Hillisde & Agility different start times to minimise cars passing in the entrance and dogs meeting in the car park. 

Please note, you must park in the parking designated for the field you have booked into. You must not walk around our farm. 


Whilst the fields are fenced all the way around we cannot ensure absolute security for every dog. We advise that you visit in advance to assess the suitability for your dog(s) by contacting us. We recommend our Hillside or Agility field if your dog is particularly small or may jump as it has 5cm gaps and is 6ft in height. The Meadow height is 4-5ft. 

Reactive Dogs

Whilst we cannot guarantee your dog won't see ANY other dogs here or in another field etc., it is very unlikely when using The Meadow field. We would not recommend using the Hillside or Agility fields if your dog is very dog reactive as other people/dogs may be using the adjacent field and therefore dogs can meet along the middle fence line. There is green shade netting to create some visual barrier. Your dog may also see or hear dogs and horses in the distance in adjacent fields. We can occasionally facilitate more reactive dogs in these fields when one is shut for maintenance or similar. Additionally, we may consider hiring out both fields together at an increased price, so do get in touch if you need some more information.


If you wish to use our facility with a professional or if you are a professional (dog walker, trainer, behaviourist, photographer etc.) you must contact us first. We do not guarantee use to all professionals and will not allow anyone who uses methods with dogs that are not fear-free and kind.


The Meadow: As well as maintaining a large piece of beautiful open grass area, we also have a dog parkour area which includes various obstacles such as logs and purpose-built balance and climbing equipment. In addition, we are gradually adding a sensory garden which will contain a variety of dog-friendly plants and other sensory enrichment. The Meadow also has a permanent water source and paddling pool in warmer months.

Hillside: We have opted to keep the Hillside field free from too many obstacles. This field is great for dogs who need more physical exercise and want to run around, without any dangers of knocking into anything in their way! 

Agility: Although it speaks for itself, this field contains a full, Kennel Club standard agility course! (Unless clearly stated otherwise). From time to time we also add other pieces of equipment such as Hoopers equipment. This can be weather dependent so do contact us if you want to check. 

Every field has at least one bench, poo bags, poo bin, bowls and a variety of dogs toys. Please note that the Hillside & Agility fields do not have a water source and you must bring some to your session. 



The Meadow: In the summer months we are able to keep most of the grass short and tidy. In the winter, due to the number of weekly users we have, the ground does get muddy in areas. This field can also get boggy when we have heavy rain so please bare this in mind. We have mats at the entrances to minimise mud. 

Hillside & Agility: This is the first 12 months these fields have had grass on them, previously they have been used for crops. The grass has only been growing since spring and is still establishing, so is patchy and can be rocky in areas.

In agility we hope to continue maintaining the length and quality of the grass throughout spring/summer 2021 to keep it short which is best for agility. 

We recommend you bring towels for your dogs in wetter seasons. 

Discounts & Packages

Registered services dogs are eligible for a discount. Likewise, we will be offering some limited weekday slots to rescues that do not have the facilities to offer off-lead exercise. This will be for dogs in kennels or foster only who are not yet adopted but are looking for homes through registered rescues. If you think we can help a local rescue, contact us

If you are a regular user of our field you may want to purchase a package as this will save you money in the long run. Our packages do not have an expiry date, no time restrictions on when you can use them but they are non-refundable! You can find them on our booking page here

Who can come to your booking

Along with the number of dogs you have booked in, during private hire you can bring along your friends and family too. We do ask that you do not bring an excessive number of vehicles as we have limited parking. For large groups contact us. 

Please not that you currently need to follow Welsh government guidance on meeting up with people due to Covid-19. 

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