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Adventure is our NEW field which replaces the Meadow. It is 5 acres and fenced with 6ft fencing around the entire perimeter. It has drive-in parking for two cars. Like the Meadow, Adventure is designed to promote enrichment through sensory experiences, it is the perfect workout for your dog's brain and is perfect for puppies to build confidence and for older dogs to relax It also contains a fun activity area while offering lots of open space.

Hillside .jpg


Hillside boasts 6ft fencing with 5x10cm gaps, perfect for jumpy and much smaller dogs. It is around 2 acres. As the name suggests, this field is brilliant for providing a great workout for your dogs due to its large sloping bank. If you have a sighthound who loves running freely without obstacles, we highly recommend this field. It also works great for training exercises such as recall, as you can see your dog as most points.



Agility contains modern kennel club standard equipment. The field is way over the 32 x 32m minimum agility area size recommendations being around 2 acres. Whether your dog's an agility pro or you are newer to agility, come and try it out! Trainers hold classes here. The field is also enclosed with 6ft fencing. Importantly, this field is exclusively for dogs over ten months old, but you don't have to use the equipment to enjoy the space.

How It Works

Select your Service

We have 30, 50 and 110-minute slots available, field-dependent. Select the service and field you want, i.e. Agility 50 minutes up to 3 dogs. 

Confirm the Number of Dogs 

Once you have selected your service, add any extra dogs if bringing more than 3.

Choose a Date and Time

You can book several weeks in advance or on the day if available. Always double-check the date/time you are booking before checking out! Rescheduling is possible up to 24 hours prior.

Fill Out Your Details & Pay

Carefully fill out your details and read through the terms and conditions. Your email and mobile number must be correct. ​The number on your booking form acts as the primary contact for your booking - you must carry this phone when using the field. We accept all major debit and credit cards. If you have a code, add it under 'redeem coupon'. Click "make an account" at the end of the booking for faster checkout next time. You will receive an email confirmation. Please read through the email for more details on what to do when you arrive and to make sure everything is correct.

Arrival at Ryecroft Meadow

Double-check your email before coming to ensure you have the correct date/time! Follow the directions here and arrive at your given time. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early to your appointment; reactive/nervous dogs may be using the facility. You and your dogs must remain in your vehicles until your appointment starts. 

Entering the field

A code is not required for entry; only enter the field if it is empty. If the field you booked is in use during your booked time, do not enter and contact us. Shut all the gates before releasing your dog. There is a latch on the inside of the Hillside and Adventure gates that we encourage you to use.

Enjoy your visit!

Enjoy the field with your dogs with no leads needed, and take pictures of them here; please share them with us! ​Setting a timer on your phone is advisable to give you enough time to get back inside your vehicle. We kindly remind you that smoking is not permitted on the premises, and you must clean up after your dog.


Your session time includes you getting back into your car. At the end of your session, please promptly leave the enclosure and shut all the gates on your way out so others can use the field without delay. 

Arriving & Leaving (plus parking info)

Our facility is generally self-service; therefore, we expect you to arrive and leave promptly and follow the rules and terms we have set out. No one will greet you; you only have to sign in if told otherwise. You and your dogs must remain in your vehicle until it is your turn to use the field. Allowing dogs out of cars when the previous user is in the field could have consequences for nervous or reactive dogs. Never enter the field if somebody else is in it. If someone is in there at your booked time, contact us immediately. Please leave the field promptly, and please ensure you shut the gate, even if another user arrives. 

Adventure: When you arrive, please follow the "Adventure" signs. The parking is within an airlock-type system in the field. This requires you to get out of your vehicle, open a large gate (clip it onto the fence!), drive-in, shutting it once in. If you don’t want to do this, please continue to use Hillside or Agility. Parking here is for two vehicles. If you come with more than two cars, park in the "overflow parking" which is for all three fields.

Hillside & Agility:
When you arrive, please follow the "Hillside & Agility" signs. The parking is directly outside of them. Please do not block any other cars. There is only space for two vehicles per field. Please use the overflow parking area when coming in a large group with several vehicles. We have allocated Hillside & Agility different start times to minimise cars passing in the entrance and dogs meeting in the car park. 

Please note that you must park in the parking designated for the field you booked and are responsible for sending this info to guests are your booking. You must not wander around our farm.

Please never assume an empty parking area means the field is empty. We allow people on foot, and you must wait until your start time to enter, checking that the field is empty first. Please do not block the driveway, as HGVs use it continuously.


Whilst the fields are fenced, we cannot ensure absolute security for every dog. We advise that you visit in advance to assess the suitability for your dog(s) by contacting us. All fields have 6ft fencing with 10x5cm gaps. Hillside has chicken wire around the bottom of the perimeter to discourage animals from digging in and out. 

Rescheduling & Cancelling

You can reschedule or cancel your booking anytime 24 hours before your booking start time. You cannot reschedule or cancel if it is less than 24 hours. However, we strongly recommend you post your appointment on our Facebook Group Here, as someone else may buy it from you! If they are a new customer, they must send us their details. 

All cancellations requiring a refund have a 50p admin charge; for transparency, we do not receive the entire booking payment fees back, and it would cost us money to refund you. Packages cannot be refunded but do not have an expiry date! 

Per our terms and conditions, the 24-hour rule does not apply if a weather warning is in place and it is unsafe to come. 

How to reschedule or cancel?
It is super easy! Locate your confirmation email and select reschedule or cancel. To qualify for a refund or to reschedule, amendments must be made 24 hours before your booking starts.

Reactive Dogs

We cannot guarantee your dog won't see ANY other dogs here or in another field etc. However, it is unlikely when using the Aventure field. The field does not share any fences with another dog field. We advise reactive dogs to arrive by car at Adventure and not to use the overflow parking area; instead, to park at the designated Adventure parking. 


We would not recommend using the Hillside or Agility fields if your dog is easily reactive, as other people/dogs may be using the adjacent field where dogs can meet along the middle fence line. Green shade netting is attached to the central fence to create a visual barrier. Your dog may also see or hear dogs and horses in the distance in adjacent fields. Sometimes, we can close off one of the fields for maintenance or other purposes to accommodate more reactive dogs. Additionally, we may consider hiring out both fields together at an increased price, so get in touch if you need more information. 


If you wish to use our facility with a professional or if you are a professional (dog walker, trainer, behaviourist, photographer etc.), you MUST contact us first. We do not guarantee use to all professionals and will not allow anyone who uses methods with dogs that are not fear-free and kind.


Adventure: As well as a large piece of open grass area, we also have a dog activity area with various obstacles such as logs, purpose-built balance, and climbing equipment. In addition, have a sensory garden area that contains a variety of dog-friendly plants and other sensory enrichment. 

Hillside: We have opted to keep the Hillside field free from too many obstacles. This field is great for dogs who need more physical exercise and want to run around with less danger of running into anything! (Sighthounds love it). There is also a shelter in Hillside. 

Agility: This Field contains jumps, 1 or 2 tunnels, ten jumps, aluminium a-frame, seesaw and walkover, including a junior walkover. New weaves will be with us soon! It is the flattest field, and the grass gets cut regularly, making it ideal for less able customers. Your dog can use the field even if they do not participate in Agility! There is ample open space as well as the equipment. 

Every field is equipt with at least two benches, poo bags, poo bin, bowls and a variety of dog toys. 

ALL fields have water! Adventure currently has water in IBCs whilst we wait on the mains water connection. They may contain a paddling pool in warmer months too. All are subject to change. 


We recommend that owners wear appropriate footwear like wellies or walking boots for safety and comfort since our fields may have uneven areas with long and short grass. Agility is our flattest and driest field. We recommend that you bring towels for your dogs. Please remember we are an outdoor facility, and we CANNOT control the weather! 

Discounts & Packages

Registered service dogs are eligible for a discount. Likewise, we offer some limited weekday slots to rescues that need the facilities to provide off-lead exercise. This will be for dogs in kennels or foster who are not yet adopted but are looking for homes through registered rescues. If you think we can help a local rescue, contact us. 

If you are a regular user of our field, you should purchase a package to save you money in the long run. Our packages do not have an expiry date, no time restrictions on when you can use them, but they are non-refundable! You can find them on our booking page here, along with gift certificates. Once purchased, you will receive an email with a code. The code can then be used at checkout, where it says "redeem coupon". Make sure you type in the correct email when purchasing, and check your junk if you cannot locate the email. Gift certificates are also available below.

Packages bought previously for The Meadow will work on the Adventure field. 

Who can come to your booking

You can bring the number of dogs booked in and friends and family during private hire. Please be sensible with the number of people and cars you bring. For large groups, you must contact us. 

Primary Rules – See T&C’s for Complete Rules

  • Use of our facility is by appointment only. If you turn up unannounced, we will ask you to leave. 

  • Your dog must be on lead ANYWHERE outside of the fields. We are on a working farmyard with heavy goods vehicles moving around. There are also horses, hens and other dogs present on the farmyard. 

  • Please leave promptly at the end of your session; any user who overstays will be restricted from using our facility.

  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early to your appointment, and you and your dogs must remain in your vehicles until your appointment starts. If the field you booked is in use during your booked time, do not enter and contact us. 

  • Please pick up dog waste, rubbish or toys to avoid the refusal of future use. The bin is for dog waste; please take all other rubbish home. If you find poo left by a previous user, please help us out by picking it up. 

  • Never leave dogs tethered or unattended in the field. Likewise, dogs must not be left in vehicles while walking another dog. 

  • You must shut the gate once you leave the field, even if another user arrives.

  • Please give people and dogs plenty of space. Any rude or disrespectful behaviour will lead to refusal of future use. 

  • We prohibit smoking in all areas.

  • The number on your booking form acts as the primary contact for your booking - you must carry this phone when using the field.

how it works

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