Private Hire

Situated on our farm in Wrexham, our 3 activity areas are designed to offer a private space for you and your dog(s).

Services & Prices

Private hire - Exclusive Use of the field for you & your dog(s) only.

The Meadow

The Meadow

& Hillside


Temporary price change
(same as The Meadow/Hillside)




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£1 per dog thereafter




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£2 per dog thereafter




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£3 per dog thereafter

*If you are a professional (i.e dog walker, trainer, dog photographer ETC.) you MUST contact us prior to booking. 

*If you wish to bring more than 8 dogs at once please get in touch.

*30 minutes can only be booked for up to 4 dogs in The Meadow. 50 mins only in Hillside & Agility. 

*We offer discounts to registered service dogs, please contact us.

What We Can Offer

The field is great for...

  • Training dogs with fewer distractions

  • Dogs with little or no recall

  • Injured dogs who need more control 

  • Rehabilitation 

  • Anxious dogs 

  • Elderly dogs

  • Deaf dogs

  • Owners wanting a private space where they are not hassled by other owners/dogs


  • 4-5ft. stock fencing in The Meadow

  • 6ft fencing in Hillside & Agility 

  • Easy access from the A483

  • Both long and short grass*

  • Exclusive use for you and your dog(s)

  • Flexible online booking slots

  • Open 7 days a week (subject to availability)

*We strongly advise owners wear appropriate footwear, such as wellies or walking boots, our fields may be uneven in places, whilst having a mixture of long and short grass. The fields are situated on a working farmyard, therefore there may be staff/heavy goods vehicles in close proximity before you enter the fields. There are also beehives next to The Meadow fence but not within the field, whilst most of you won't ever see the beekeeper we cannot guarantee he won't be outside the field wearing his bee suit (some dogs may dislike this). 

Meadow: You may see a horse depending on the entrance you use, the horse is not connected to The Meadow field, at certain times of the year you may see sheep in the distance. Hillside: There are horses in view, especially in winter when there is less vegetation but the field fence is not connected to theirs. Agility: There are no horses connected to this field.

We advise owners with concerns to come and assess the suitability of the field before use by contacting us.

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