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Services & Prices

  • Private hire - Exclusive use for you & you dog(s) only

  • Play Sessions - Allowing dogs to play, learn & explore together

Private Hire

30 minutes - £7.50 

Up to 3 dogs

£1 per dog thereafter

Private Hire

110 minutes - £18

Up to 3 dogs

£2 per dog thereafter

Private Hire

50 minutes - £10

Up to 3 dogs

£2 per dog thereafter

Play Sessions

£5 per dog

45 minute - 1 hour sessions

Breed Meets & Puppy Socials at Ryecroft

Allowing dogs to play, learn, explore and socialise off-lead in the countryside.


Play and socialise

Set the beautiful countryside; dogs can play, explore and learn with other friendly dogs.



You'll have access to our onsite parking area at no extra cost.


Our fields are enclosed with 6ft fencing for your dogs to play and run around.



Staff in sessions are first aid trained and have body language qualifications as a minimum. 


Puppies: Socialisiation

When owners think about socialisation, generally they think of puppies meeting with lots of other puppies and dogs. But did you know? “Socialisation” does not just mean meeting other dogs. Socialisation means going to new places, experiencing new sights, sounds, smells, humans, other animals and making each of those experiences are POSITIVE ones!

It is a crucial part of your puppies development. Puppies who do not get many opportunities to interact positively with other dogs (and other aspects of socialisation) are more likely to struggle to cope with later novel situations. It is really important that when we socialise puppies, it is not just about exposing them to new things and overwhelming them but providing them with positive exposure to these things.

That is why we keep our puppies socials small, 45 minutes long or less and under the watchful eye of a qualified canine behaviour professional. You may see lots of "puppy socials" advertised, they often are not set up correctly and work to overwhelm and frighten puppies. Although you may be going home with an exhausted puppy which can seem fantastic, this increase in arousal through negative stress (and positive stress) often results in undesirable behaviours as they take several hours or days to emotionally recover from this event. In the long term, these experiences can largely impact how your puppies respond to things in their environment, and if they were negative experiences, then you may see behavioural issues as they get older. 

Importantly, these sessions are NOT for every puppy and we ask that you judge if this will be suitable for your puppy beforehand. They may be better meeting just one other puppy rather than 4 or 5, or a certain type of puppy, for example, some do better with similar breeds if they play quite intensely. We may be able to help you find a playmate so do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Being able to socialise in a controlled environment is particularly advantageous to puppies. These sessions are also brilliant for older dogs in our breed meets, who have been well socialised. It will allow them to play and interact in a private environment with other friendly dogs whilst exercising them physically and providing mental stimulation. 

Tracey with Harper

Well, what a fantastic time Harper had today at Ryecroft Meadow with all the other puppies and small dogs.


We will definitely be going back, she thoroughly enjoyed mixing with all the other dogs and practising recall. 

Emma with Ruby

Ruby loved her first time here today. 

She made lots of new fur friends and is absolutely worn out now! Brilliant place for dog socialising, we will definitely be back next week.

Mandy with Marley

Had a great time at Reycroft the past two weeks at the play sessions.


Enclosed field with lots of friendly people and dogs. Highly recommend for your dog to let off steam and make new friends. 

  • How much does it cost?
    You can view the cost of hiring the field privately byclicking here You can view the cost of events we run by clicking here
  • Is there parking?
    We have a hardstanding parking area just outside the field on our farm yard. We ask that you park near the orange cones to avoid blocking any of the other vechiles on the farm. If you do park either blocking someone in, away from the cones or near an entrance or exit you may be asked to move which will take time out of your session. For events where there are multiple cars please be assured you will be told where to park if there are no spaces near the cones.
  • Where is the field?
    We are located in Gresford, Wrexham, North Wales. You can view our directions by clicking the text below. VIEW LOCATION & DIRECTIONS Here we have added a google maps view and a directions PDF document to give you all the directions you will need to find us, it also explains where to park your vehicle. If you have any problems finding us please don't hesitate to give us a ring on 07590928894!
  • Is the field fully enclosed and secure?
    The field is fully enclosed using stock wire fencing around the entire perimeter, however, like most dog walking fields, we never guarantee our field is completely secure. We have a variety of breeds from Terriers to Greyhounds who use our field, each dog is different and we ask that you decide on whether it is secure enough for your dog. You are more than welcome to come and visit the field before booking to check the suitability for your dog by contacting us on 07590928894 or
  • Is the field suitable for my dog?
    We cannot gaurntee that the field is suitable for all dogs, but we do ask that if you have any concerns that you contact us prior to booking. You are more than welcome to come and visit the field before booking to have a look at the suitability but you must arrange a time with us so we can meet you, this ensures no one else is using the field at that time.
  • How big is the field?
    Ryecroft Meadow is a grassy 4-acres! It is the perfect size for your dogs to have a really good run about off-lead and for events where we can all spread about!
  • What is the fence height?
    Our fences are around 4-5ft and are stock wire around the entire perimeter of the field. Whilst this type of fencing is not suitable for every dog, it is great for most. There is also hedging covering over 3/4 of the field behind the fence line. Please contact us if you would like to check the suitability for your dog before booking, we are more than happy to come and meet you at the field for a look round. We are always altering and improving our facility and we do hope in the future we can provide higher fencing.
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