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"It's not enough to give animals things to do. It's not enough to create an environment that looks good to us. It is our responsibility to make sure that all of an animal's needs are being met... the easiest way to think about enrichment is meeting your dog's needs." - Canine Enrichment For The Real World [book]. 

The Meadow is our original 4-acre field. This field promotes sensory experiences with our purpose-built sensory area. From straw bales for tactile senses to dog-friendly plants for olfactory stimulation, it is the perfect workout for your dog's brain and is perfect for puppies to build confidence and for older dogs to relax. 


Explore. Enrich. Thrive.


Occupational Enrichment: Challenges dogs by encouraging physical exercise and mental stimulation. We offer a variety of equipment within our field to encourage canine parkour or scentwork and we don't doubt that this will help to mentally stimulate your dogs and prevent or alleviate boredom!

Nutritional Enrichment: Helps encourages dogs to perform natural foraging behaviours with the use of food as a reward, this can also increase physical activity. Different flavours and textures can be used. Foraging behaviour has shown to decrease unwanted behaviours such as excessive barking!


Sensory Enrichment: We can stimulate different senses such using a range of smells, tastes, sounds, textures and sights. Giving dogs a variety of sensory options can dramatically help them. For example, science shows us that different smells can have beneficial effects in alleviating stress and visual enrichment can offer dogs a sense of security. It is also great for puppies as part of their socialisation to interact with a mixture of sensory stimuli. 


Physical Enrichment: Whilst some dogs love to run for hours, physical enrichment is more than just exercise. By adding different physical features we can help increase the complexity of the environment. In addition, play is an effective way to physically enrich a dog's life. For example, sandboxes can help promote appropriate digging behaviour and other environmental enrichment devices are continuously being added to our field to help evoke species-specific behaviours.

Social Enrichment: Helps to fulfil dogs' need to interact with others. We hold supervised meets with dogs to create a positive social experience whilst giving them plenty of space to utilise their other senses.

Wobble Board

The Wobble Board is a great way to build up confidence on different surfaces. If you have a less confident dog start by rewarding interest, then paw/s on and so on. Some dogs may find it moves a bit too much so do not force them! Click Here to view a great video demonstrating how to use the wobble board! Encouraging Ginny and rewarding two paws on to begin with has helped build confidence quickly whilst holding the board more still. 



Straw Bales

Dog-Friendly Plants

Paddling Pool 





and much more...

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