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Which Harness Shall I Buy?

I am often asked about which harness to choose so I thought I would quickly let you know which ones I recommend!

I would recommend an X or Y shaped harnesses such as TrueLove ( & Perfect Fit ( which comes in 3 separate pieces.

Harnesses that have a strap across the shoulders can restrict movement so I wouldn't generally recommend those ones!

If you have a dog that may attempt to back out of a harness, then I would recommend looking into the Ruffwear harnesses. They have the webmaster, webmaster pro and the flagline that all have a third strap that sits further back on the dog’s body making them much harder to escape from.

It's important that you don't get your new harness and just chuck it straight on your dog. They need to get used it and create a positive association with it. So below are some videos that are helpful for this.

Training (over the head harness): Step in harness:

If you were wondering, I also recommend the following Hatli Lead as it has two clips which are super useful and lasts so long!!

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